We are Made To Grow

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Why is it so important for us human beings to feel some level of growth and development? “Anything that doesn’t grow, dies”, is one the laws of nature! So, how do we grow? 

Walking our dog one recent morning I came to reflect on how we grow as human beings. After some really warm and sunny weeks in Oslo, so much of the lawns are burned and brown. While at the same time so much of the weeds and wilderness are still green and growing. 

Might there be some similarities between nature and humans? Like when we are put in a forced structure or system.  For example the education system or a not so inspiring job. , What happens when we are pushed to learn and develop on external terms and needs, rather than our own internal needs. Similarly to nature, we humans needs proper conditions to develop. 

What if we got to grow more on our own terms, like the wilderness? Would we then have more motivation to develop and learn new things? Would we then be more robust and resilient when the conditions are not the best (aka facing challenges and setbacks)? 

As a founder of MadeToGrow, I believe we humans are Made To Grow and that it is so important to get the opportunity (or grasp it ourselves) to learn, develop and expand on our own terms. Daring to ask questions – and to follow up on them, like “what is important for me in my life/career?”, “what do I really want?”, “what are the opportunities I would like to embark on?”, “what are the values I want to bring to people and the world?”.

I want to inspire, encourage and provide knowledge and tools for people to dare to ask such questions, and to support them in reaching their goals. That is why I founded MadeToGrow and built more than 50 digital programs together with my team, that provide people with better tools and knowledge to succeed.  That is why I do my best to “walk the talk” and practice what I preach.

This is the main explanation behind the great challenge I have embarked on; travelling the world with my kids and MadeToGrow. Because doing that is a huge LifeReset for me – and my kids. Selling everything and leaving Norway for many months, to explore, learn and get inspiration from people around the world, on what brings purpose, motivation, mastery experiences, robustness, quality relationships, good self-esteem and health.

Because I believe this is the true path to developing our potential as human beings – and what is the path to making the world a better place – for everyone.

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