Interview with our two project-students!

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In collaboration with two French students at BI Norwegian Business School, Marine and William, we are doing a survey to get knowledge about students motivation to learn. We did a short interview with these students about their background, their work and how they have experienced this journey.

Marine and William are two 23-year-olds exchanging from France to Norway. Picture: private

Are you a student, parent of a student or a teacher? We hope you would like to contribute to our passionate work to help students by answering this short survey!

Tell us a bit about who you are and your study.

– We are two french students from Bordeaux attending a master programme at BI Norwegian Business School, which includes subjects like corporate, finance, risk analysis and entrepreneurship.

Why MadeToGrow as a project assignment?

– We were attracted by Sissel’s speech about MadeToGrow, especially because we experienced it as something serious, with a very interesting subject and a hard-working team.

– We wanted to do a project in which interested us, which this project did. Why? Because we ourselves feel concerned about stress, motivation and the desire to succeed. MadeToGrow has been wonderful to work with. The communication is easy and the meetings are numerous.

Why did you choose Norway as your exchange country?

– We are both very interested in Scandinavian countries because it’s really different from France. There is absolutely no regrets choosing Norway, because it’s so beautiful – and especially our trip to Preikestolen in Stavanger gave us a lot of memories. The landscape, the culture, the gastronomy – everything is different from what we expected.

Picture: Private.

Can you describe one difference between France and Norway?

We think that the biggest difference is that French people complain a lot. We are a demanding people and often pessimistic. But we always manage to find the smile in front of a good bottle of wine and a good meal.

What have you learned from the project?

– We have learned a lot about Norwegian entrepreneurship, especially with strong structures like Aleap, a non profit incubator for start-up businesses with a focus on health – which helps Norwegian entrepreneurs in the best possible way. Having already studied entrepreneurship in France, we were curious to compare this with Norway.

– Also, we have learned about growth mindset and the believe that positive factors can arise when we can identify the problems we encounter – and then work as effectively as possible to solve them. Many solutions are available, but few people think about this. MadeToGrow is a real solution to bring this knowledge to these people.


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