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About MadeToGrow

MadeToGrow are developing a digital learning platform where we design and develop gamified programs where people get to learn how they can develop their potential in an engaging way. Going through the program, participants gets to discover their strengths, interests and future aspirations, they get to learn about the brain and how they can impact their abilities and learning capacities, and they will get tools to use to strengthen resilience and capability to cope with challenges and setbacks in school and life.

What we look for

We look for a new team member, part time to begin with, that would like to be part of this creative work. You should have passion for people, technology and learning, as your main focus will be in exploring technological tools and opportunities to create engaging ways to learn and develop on a digital platform. It would be great if you have experience in creating gamified learning programs/learning games, you should have good technical insight and experience, preferably in WordPress or other CMS systems, and multimedia experience/interest will also come in handy. We would like to hear from you even if you are not very experienced in these areas, as long as you have a passion and are willing to learn and contribute to our team.

Some good qualities

You should be creative, proactive and be able to deal well with working independently. A ‘getting things done’ mindset will be of great value to our team. We are a diverse team of 8, some work full time and others part time. We are all located either around Oslo or Sandefjord and most of our communication and collaboration goes via technology.

How to work with us

You may have another job, project or studies you are engaged in. As a start-up, we will not be able to offer a high fixed salary from the beginning, however we will consider compensating with ownership in the company for the right person. If you prefer contracting rather than being employed, that’s OK too.

If you are interested in being part of our team, please write a few words about your motivation and what you think you can contribute with, in addition to information about your background. Look forward to hear from you!

Contact info:

Sissel Naustdal, Daglig Leder (Email:  sissel@madetogrow.no,  Telefon: 92290902)