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MadeToGrow University is developed to offer courses and programs for individuals and organizations who wish to develop themselves and others. The content at MadeToGrow University will be suitable for employees, managers, students, parents, and even professionals. This is because we focus on topics that are important for everyone, regardless of the area of life.

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We develop human potential

MadeToGrow was established based on a burning passion to contribute to people’s development of resilience, mastery, improved performance, and a sense of meaning and joy in life. Through this, we can unlock greater potential within ourselves and make positive contributions to others, colleagues, and the communities we belong to.

We engage with individuals, education, workplaces, and other social actors to inspire and facilitate learning and development. This naturally leads to resilience, mastery, excellent performance, and a sense of joy and fulfillment.

Our programs can be undertaken individually or in collaboration with others, such as a team, an entire organization, a class, or members of an organization.

We can combine digital programs with interactive meeting spaces, both physical and virtual, and customize them according to specific needs.

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Trine E.

"When I started the program with MadeToGrow, I was on the verge of burning out at work. I felt exhausted and had little motivation to go to work. This program helped me realize how I could address my challenges both at work and in my personal life, how I could strengthen my motivation, manage stress, and communicate better with my colleagues."

Mette T

"I'm so glad I joined the program with MadeToGrow. I feel inspired, excited, and look forward to each new lesson. I feel like I'm in a positive process here!"

Anita L. H.

"I find that the program with MadeToGrow has sparked my thoughts, such as what my life mission is and how I can connect it to my job. I have acquired valuable techniques for better stress management and how to shift my thoughts from negative to positive. This helps me avoid burnout and sick leave while improving my performance. I find all the exercises very useful, and I think the program is excellent."

Amela B

"The program is fantastic! It's the best I've ever come across, and I've been through various development programs."

MadeToGrow App

Your home for learning, mastery, and personal development – right in your pocket

In addition to MadeToGrow University, we at MadeToGrow have developed our own app, exclusively in Norwegian, which includes over 50 digital programs related to mindset, motivation, meaning, mastery, learning, relationships, self-esteem, and health.

So if you would like to explore more of our digital programs, feel free to download our unique app.

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