School with purpose

A workshop for brain building

School with purpose is a tailored, app based program for pupils in Middle School, High School and students in higher education. But teachers, parents and guardians will also benefit from the program.

School with purpose will contribute in making sure pupils and students participate in learning because they feel like it, and not because they are forced to.

MadeToGrow want to help develop a good learning environment where it feels safe to try and learn by doing, and maybe fail, which is crucial for the learning.

How School with purpose works

School with purpose takes place in school with the use of an app – which is still in the developing stages.The app gives the participants the best possible effect in motivation, mindset, proficiency and performances. Through gamification you get a good user experience, substantial and engaging content.

The app will be adapted to the user and the program they wish to do. You can also choose to do the program alone or alongside others.

For the time being the app is being developed. Would you like to receive information until the launch and partake in testing the first version of the app when it is ready?

Why should your school use School with purpose?

The subject ‘Public Health and Mastery in Life’ has been suggested added to the curriculum for 2020. The subject will contribute in helping students developing skills that improve their health and prepare them to face and handle challenges in life. The schools will thereby get a greater responsibility in providing students with belief in proficiency and feeling achievement. By using School with purpose your school will develop a good foundation to build this kind of culture.


Students get:

  • Knowledge and tools to develop their abilities and talents, and to overcome adversity and struggles.
  • Help and support to make decisions for the future.
  • Get to know personal strengths, traits and ambitions.

Teachers, parents and guardians get:

  • Knowledge and tools to help better the motivation to learn as well as the possibility of being followed up.
  • Knowledge and tools to evolve as a teacher – which is useful for parents and guardians as well.

Do you want School with purpose in your classroom?

An innovative platform of technology with the aim to enhance motivation, learning, achievements and the will to conquer adversity.


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