Frequently Asked Questions

Who is MadeToGrow’s programs suited for?

Vi tilbyr ulike programmer og kurs for elever/studenter, foreldre/foresatte og lærere/ledere. Programmene kan gjøres alene eller sammen med andre, i eller utenfor skolen, gjennom vår digitale plattform eller gjennom fysisk deltakelse på kurs/programmer vi holder. Uansett er målet engasjement og læringsutbytte. Vi tilpasser programmene både målgruppe og målsetting.

What goes on in our programs?
The programs provide a lot of learning in what motivates us, how we can shape and develop the brain for more and improved learning. This, in addition to other knowledge, will help the individual become more motivated, master more and learn and perform better. We place great emphasis on good and varied content, to make learning and development become engaging.
Are the programs exciting?

We feel the brain is the most exciting thing about us humans. It means so much for us and our lives, and yet so much of the brain is a mystery. Most people doesn’t know much about how it actually works, – and far less about how and how much we can shape and affect it ourselves.

If the program has an age-mix: Would a 16 year old benefit from attending with a 13 year old?

When we give open, age mixed courses/programs, we will set up the program to the best outcome for everyone attending. Age alone does not determine what knowledge we have, our interests or what we can bring to the table. With us, the adolescents will be challenged in many different areas, and experience that they will be able to contribute – regardless of age.

Why take part in a program if you’re tired of school?

Our open programs, such as “Skolefri med mening” (Out of school-activities with purpose) is the perfect thing if you’re tired of school. Our main goal is to help you find what gives you more motivation and how you can learn and perform better. We believe that all people need to feel motivated about something, so they can learn and evolve. These are important fundamental needs.

Why take part in a program if you’re already doing well at school?

Regardless of how well you do at school, the subjects we are working with will benefit you greatly. Maybe, with all you will learn, like getting to know yourself and your strengths, you will find out more about what you want to do in the years to come? We are also aware of the many that are very concerned with performing, and want to help participants develop a better resilience for when they experience stress, adversity and struggles. You will learn different and good tools for mastery – we are certain that everybody can benefit greatly from out programs.

What other advantages does participating in the program provide?

You get to participate in a new and unique program which provide you with knowledge and tools you will benefit from for the rest of your life.

You get the opportunity to help influence the development of our technological platform, which will make sure that we can reach out to a lot of young people.

At “Skolefri med mening” (Out of school-activities with purpose) you also get to meet people which might become friends for life.

An innovative platform of technology with the aim to enhance motivation, learning, achievements and the will to conquer adversity.




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