MadeToGrow offer courses and digital programs – made to give you motivation to learn and the will to achieve.

The way you think determines the way you learn. To be able to learn you need to want to. And you need to believe that you can.
This is where MadeToGrow come in.
By using innovative technology you will learn methods to handle challenges both in school, a job as well as everyday life.

Our goal is to provide you with a greater will to learn, and to make you believe in yourself. Our aim is contributing to get more students to graduate from school and find their way into the working world.

Because teachers and other leading figures are important contributors in education, we have also made programs and lectures tailored for these groups.

Interested in learning more? We would love to hear from you!

Motivation and purpose

Reinforce the wish to learn and develop through increased insight into your strengths, interests and the things that matter most to you.


With greater knowledge about our amazing, malleable brain you can boost beliefs in your own learning potential and develop abilities and traits.


With tools and methods for more effective learning you can strengthen your ability to handle adversity and challenges.

Learning environment

Access quality learning arenas which strengthens relations, where you can practice and put learning into action.



I want to use this new knowledge to be less “fixed” and more “growth. It is more important to develop rather than thinking that you won’t achieve what you want.


What I liked about MadeToGrow was learning how to put my thoughts into a system – something I can use every day. I will try to be more aware of my attitude towards things and get more of a growth mindset.


I want to use this new knowledge to find something I can work with, in order to get better at it.

Teacher in Middle School

The pupils appreciated learning about growth mindset, and it’s something they will take with them.

An innovative platform of technology with the aim to enhance motivation, learning, achievements and the will to conquer adversity.



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