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The stress: How to reduce your immediate stress level, as well as learning techniques to handle stress for a longer period of time, learn to turn stressful situations into something positive- to provide flow and energy?

Performance anxiety: To talk in front of a crowd is one of our biggest fears as humans. Do you want to learn the techniques that help reduce nerves immediately and make you more comfortable?

Performance pressure: In how many areas in life do you feel that you should perform or be better? Society and the media often give the impression that “everybody” is successful, which of course is not true, but still makes a lot of people feel like they are not good enough. Do you want to learn helpful techniques to cope with this feeling, and instead turn it into something positive?

Belief in proficiency: No matter if you think you can, or if you think you can’t, you will still be right. Belief in proficiency is half of the job to achieve something. Do you want to learn effective techniques to turn doubt of proficiency into belief of proficiency? It can be anything from small everyday life situations like dearing to talk in front of a crowd, to going ahead with bigger challenges that can give you valuable learning and opportunities.

Prioritizing/Focus/Procrastinating: A long to do-list that fills up faster than you can check things off? Do you struggle to start with or focus on the things you should do? Are you late and stressed before deadlines? Learn the art of balancing the short-range and the long-range. You will be able to do more with more quality and less stress, as well as securing a better balance in different arenas of life.

Lack of energy: Are you wondering where all the energy you used to have went? That good energy that made you feel like doing what you wanted, and able to do what you wanted, in everyday life? There are steps you can take to help you do more, both short-term and long-term.


With a coach you get a competent conversation partner that follow you up and help you with the specific things that are useful to you.

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